About Pumpkin & Pickle


You will learn a simple but effective massage technique, from head to toes. Using natural, baby-friendly, organic oils for soothing massage, you and baby will strengthen the connection you have through touch. Enjoy the support from fellow mums over a slice  of comforting,  homemade cake (bring your own cuppa).  Whilst babies enjoy post massage relaxation, sleep or feed, our group share ups & downs of our week, coaching each other on tips and tricks, offering good quality and real support.


Giving birth is the most wonderful experience, but your body needs time to heal and you have the biggest life adjustment. Our groups are a safe space to discuss your birth, your feelings and any your concerns through this new part of your life - but also to share the wondrous moments & milestones your baby is showing you.  

A place to talk, listen, learn & connect.


Communication is key. 

Each week, we'll discuss what emotions you may be experiencing, what stage your baby is at in development and our group will naturally support you in a trusted environment.



Helpful info

What's provided?

Support in workshop & classes, bespoke baby massage oil, weighing scales available & homemade DELICIOUS cake. 

Free parking in central Brackley. 

Specially blended oils for Pumpkin & Pickle: Organic, therapeutic grade sunflower oil, with Lavender, Mandarin & Roman Chamomile, oats & watermelon seeds for sensitive or dry skin.

What to Bring?

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Pumpkin & Pickle New Baby Classes Massage

Interested in attending a class but not sure what will suit you best?

GROUP Tummy Time PlayTime sessions 

Tummy Time is a crucial position to facilitate strong head, neck, shoulder, tongue & tummy muscles as well as promoting inner balance, optimal breathing & so much more!  Whilst parents are clear that their baby should sleep on their back, it can be confusing how to ‘do tummy time’ for newborns in a fun way, and parents are keen to avoid flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) and keep a happy baby, whilst encouraging playful positions both on floor surface but also in safe holds.  I can show you several easy positions to give you and baby condifence and the strength they need for sitting, crawling, walking (& even school readiness!!).  Let me support you in a fun & sensory & singing educational group.  One hour sessions each week for meeting new mums & feedback on tummy time progress.

GROUP Baby Massage CLASS

Join a new network where your baby gets to socialise, you meet local mums adjusting as you are, and you challenge yourself with an outing, treat yourself with homemade cake and learn a wonderful new way to connect with your baby through touch and massage. The simple but effective technique I teach promotes relaxation, endorphins to release (happy hormone), stimulate the digestive system (great to colic & constipation) and reduce stress hormone, Cortisol.

4 week class may be enough or come back a second time if you want to continue! Welcome babies from birth to crawling. 

Bookings now open for Oct & Nov ’21 groups at

The Well Retreat (map)

Book via online registration form.

Coming soon!  Active Antenatal Workshop 

- preparing for birth & first days of motherhood.

Pumpkin & Pickle Antenatal Workshop

A program designed by local mums, Pumpkin & Pickle is delighted to collaborate with other local therapists to offer a unique and credible antenatal event to prepare new parents to be some of the amazing services that available from our holistic team! 

Suitable 30-38 weeks pregnant.  

Our guest Breastfeeding Expert will expertly deliver practical tips to prepare your body for breastfeeding in the early days with your newborn baby.   Learn from an amazing Aromatherapist who will provide you with an insight into essential oils that can aid you into final antenatal period, delicious smells that are therapeutic in labour, and oils that are safe post natal for mum and baby, Tackle what massage techniques might be helpful during labour too.

PLUS a taster of  Hypnobirthing who will talk us through techniques to manage the pain of labour, the challenges of becoming a mother and relaxation methods to use up to and during labour.  

Oh and me from Pumpkin & Pickle, who will talk about post natal tips for holding baby to promote tummy time, and baby massage for the new born. 

The dream team!  

Next workshop TBC 2022

at  The Well Retreat (map)

Baby Massage: Face Mask for arrival & departure, hand sanitiser, 

spare clothes/nappies, feed, a towel, changing mat. 

Tummy Time: Face Mask for arrival & departure, 

hand sanitiser, changing mat. 

(optional to bring a cushion to sit on).

Health concerns?

Contact me if you have questions about the course, for any medical concerns about your pregnancy, you or your baby, visit your GP to check appropriateness of massage and tummy time play for your baby.


Don’t be shy, drop me a message about baby massage or tummy time classes to support you &  baby from birth to crawling  x 

pumpkin picklebaby@gmail.com