I am a qualified Baby Massage Therapist & Tummy Time Practitioner, & a mother of two!

I am enthused to provide support for mothers & this begins with offering and facilitating credible education to prepare for birth, supporting mothers post natally, particularly the fourth trimester. Using baby massage as a tool to relax, promote strong immune response, strengthen the connection and host a platform for creating new friendships.   AND Tummy Time PlayTime sessions - having fun with sensory stimulating toys, rhymes & engagement with the group all using Tummy Time play positions.

Baby Massage is a fabulous way to create a stronger connection & attachment with your baby. No distractions, warm touch and strong eye contact.

 Pumpkin & Pickle will guide you through a simple routine & positions,  and suitable from birth but memorable enough to repeat at any time throughout your little person’s whole childhood.

Pumpkin & Pickle offers 4 week courses from birth to crawling babies. Science has shown more calm, strong connections & improved immune response in babies who have regular baby massage. Tummy Time strengthens muscles & joints, promotes inner balance & optimal deep breathing to prepare for sitting, crawling & walking.  AND, joining the Pumpkin & Pickle Parent community also provides a safe & welcoming place to listen, talk  and share experiences from the local parent community.

If you’re ready to read more & register for a session with Pumpkin & Pickle, 

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Tuesday:  Baby Massage Class & TummyTime PlayTime

Sunday Sessions - enquire about our next Daddy & Baby massage event (next one 10th Oct 2021). 

One-to-One sessions available on request

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COVID-19 safety

All classes and workshops abide by the UK government guidelines by:

- Clients must inform the instructor of any symptoms of COVID-19 or if member of their household is self-isolating for symptoms.  Please do not put our Pumpkin & Pickle community at risk. 

- All participants in class will be required to wear a face mask upon arrival and departure.  Hand sanitiser should be used upon arrival and exit at venue (clients encouraged to bring their own, if not hand sanitiser will be provided).  Scan QR code on arrival using COVID app. Once settled in your designated area, a 2 metre distance will be maintained through the class.

- Clients should bring their own mat, cushion and usual baby items (feed, clothes, wipes, etc).  Pushchairs should be left outside.

- Arrival & departure should be staggered, one parent/baby entering at a time, to ensure social distancing. 

- Pumpkin & Pickle retain details of the class members, should CV-19 arise then all members will be contacted, and classes will be postponed for 2 weeks.  Please note that classes may be replaced with a weekend date if rescheduled.

- Should local lockdown be instigated due to higher risk of transmission in Brackley, classes will be rescheduled where possible, or replaced with virtual online course.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - effective from 25-May-18) is the most significant legislation regarding privacy and data protection in 20 years, and it is necessary to ensure that we gain new data protection and privacy consent from all Pumpkin & Pickle customers.

Please review the statement below and check the box on the online registration o agree to have your data process in this manner. Customer Data is processed in the following ways:

• Customer information that is provided will be stored for a period of 5 years.

• Only yours and your baby’s names are printed for the weekly registers and other relevant documents, the rest of your details are never printed out.

• Customer information that is held electronically is done so upon a secure storage with password protected access.

• Customers may be contacted via email or text message with details of the future classes or workshops. Please inform Pumpkin & Pickle if you do not want to be contacted in the future.

• Customer data will never be shared with any third party for marketing purposes.

• Customer data will be shared confidentially with The Well Retreat who provide bespoke baby massage oil, to ensure insurance can be provided - details of any allergies will be shared with The Well Retreat. 

• Customers can request copies of the data Pumpkin & Pickle holds about them at any time.

• Customers may withdraw consent in the future regarding the way in which their data is stored and used.

  • Clients attending a course or workshop take full responsibility for themselves and their baby  throughout the class/workshop. Registration is compulsory for each four-week program.
  • Clients have an obligation to inform Pumpkin & Pickle if symptoms of COVID-19 develop prior to baby massage class.  If you are unsure of symptoms, please check here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/ 
  • If a client has any concerns, they are obliged to seek the advice of my medical professional before proceeding with the classes/workshops.
  • Clients are obliged to will keep the Instructor informed of any health issues that arise over the course of the classes, both for themselves and their baby/pregnancy.
  • Pumpkin & Pickle will not ever diagnose a medical condition and you should always seek advice from a medical professional if you are concerned about you or your baby.
  • If your baby is unwell, it is best not to attend the class. If your baby is crying excessively and cannot be comforted, he/she may be ill. Never practice massage on a distressed baby, or if your baby is limp, pale, has a temperature, or any difficulties breathing. Please seek appropriate medical help.
  • • Pumpkin & Pickle recommends to leave 48 hours after your baby’s immunisations before massaging but if you are booked on a course, please feel free to come along to the class so that you are still involved in the pre & post support.
  • • Organic Sunflower Massage Oil (therapeutic grade) is provided as a base oil for the massage oil for the class, and extra is available to buy after the class from The Well Retreat.  Should any allergies be suspected, Pumpkin & Pickle will share your details with clinical aromatherapist at the Well Retreat. This is the best oil for baby massage as it is taste free, nut free, smell free and 100% natural. It is also SLS free, parabens free, lanolin free and mineral oil free.
  • Patch tests are available on request as we do not use other oils in the baby massage classes/workshops.

Payments and Cancellations:

  • Full Payment is required at time of booking (part of the registration form). 
  • Spaces are limited on all of the classes/workshops, therefore please check availability before sending in payment (email or FB messenger). 
  • Payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer – message pumpkinpicklebaby@gmail.com for more details. 
  • Once payment has been made your place on the course is secure.
  • PP reserve the right to cancel a course if there is a problem with the venue or the class size. In the event of cancellation, your course fee will be returned and will endeavour to offer you an opportunity to attend another course. If you wish to cancel your place before the course starts, you must give 21 days’ notice before the start date.
  • Unfortunately refunds for missed classes are not possible, but with notice, attending a class on another day may be possible - please liaise with Pumpkin & Pickle. 
  • If we have to cancel a class, we will offer a pro rata refund of £12.50 for the cancelled class or replace the class at another time.
  • Should unusual circumstances arise (such as 2020 COVID-19 pandemic), Pumpkin & Pickle will seek to continue classes remotely and will be in contact regarding such initiatives.  If you believe you have symptoms of Coronavirus, please self-isolate and refer to the latest health advice from gov.uk website

Social Media Policy

  • In order to ensure that everyone feels comfortable during the class/workshop, we ask that you adhere to the statements set out in this policy.
  • Refrain from divulging any information about other clients (& babies) within the class without permission from those involved
  • Ensure that photographs or materials published on social networking sites do not identify other children or parents without permission from those involved.