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Hello from Pumpkin & Pickle!

Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful journey of parenting!

I love to support new parents strengthen the connection with their babies in small groups 

that both promote development of your baby, and facilitate support in the local community.   

I am a Baby Massage instructor & Tummy Time Practitioner, also a mother of two and I care about the connection between mother and child in those first days & weeks whilst you build your relationship & develop a routine.  

I welcome parents to my workshops to begin learning about holistic ways to look after yourself, create awareness to therapies available to support you, and explore ways to ultimately maintain wellness and strengthen the connection with your baby, through the power of touch.

Learn about what Pumpkin & Pickle can offer you, see what others think and connect with me on 

Facebook         @PumpkinPickle          or           @Pumpkin_Pickle_Baby on Instagram

“To touch can be to give life.”


Contact me by email, or FB messenger to check availability & answer any questions.

Mum Moments

Don’t be shy, drop me a message! 

pumpkin picklebaby@gmail.com